Evandra’s Focuses

Evandra’s focuses

Evandra has a somewhat narrow focus. Her focus is directly reflective of her culture and identity which ultimately benefits Black peoples of the world, she supports all initiatives, projects, policy, etc., which are for the betterment of all peoples of the world, however, she is more effective in spaces and conversations with emphasis on unity and strength for all Black peoples. Below are a few of her focuses

  1. Political Empowerment for all Black peoples
  2. Special Education and Disability advocate
  3. Economic Sufficiency for all Black peoples
  4. Cooperative Economics, strategies
  5. Advocate for Black students in higher education
  6. Ensuring the proper education strategies for Black peoples and Black youth
  7. Strengthening relationships within Black business community
  8. Dispelling stigma of mental health in the Black community
  9. Bridging the gap between Black Americans and Continental Africans

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