Game of Life or Sport

If life was a sport, I would be one of the best coaches, hall of famer.. I read and watch a lot of news, propaganda, satire, etc.. What I see happening in the country today is a jooks. White men are fighting to maintain control. If I created my own government and economic system and had power and privilege as a result, I would be doing everything possible to ensure that position isn’t ¬†threatened.

I would make sure the police, prosecutors, judges, school teachers, doctors, lobbyist, politicians… were paid and influenced to maintain control and disorder in the middle class, working class, and lower class. Actually, I wouldn’t even want a middle class anymore, I would just prefer the masses to be fighting for the scraps I leave behind, creating an income and wealth gap so large my position is honorary. Talk about job security, well let’s just say “life security.”

This is why I would be one of the best coaches and my players would all wear rings. Life is a sport

How do white women perceive white male privilege? I feel this group of women enjoys the benefits of the power so they remain silent. All my opinion, don’t know enough about the history there to draw a conclusion.

Life experience has shown Black woman are major supporters and contributors to Black men’s actions. Could Obama have been one of the best presidents and have one of the highest approval rating at the end of his second term without Michelle??

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