Fight for Minorities

I read this morning about a super lawyer fighting against Republican legislation that limits or disenfranchises the minority vote. This super lawyer is a democrat and feels the Democrats most loyal constituency is the minority voter. So why would the Democratic Party want to fight this legislation, most specifically, why are they fighting it in swing states such as Ohio and Arizona?

(Definitely not to the benefit of the Black or Brown voter)

My conclusion is this. Bernie shocked the world and showed that a candidate outside the establishment can steal votes away from the oh so faithful Democratic Party.

Democratic party know they can lose power in this country to the wave of independents and voters without party loyalty.

The Democratic party is just making sure they protect the power of a lowly educated voter in an election; yet continue to deliver lies and deny their voters social mobility and economic mobility with increasing disorder in this country. The Democratic Party of today was formed by white men distancing themselves from the new Republicn party that was partial to Blackness in America.

(Historical opinion)

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