Electoral College Take-over

How to continue the revolution?

  1. A number of us need to join our local democratic parties and republican parties. Join = become dues paying members. Holding active roles within their local committees and remain eligible as a voting member of the committee.
  2. Become a state level elected

So why, Evandra? It’s the only way to become an Elector!! Duh (many other moving parts but basically)

Electoral college take-over!!!

Start with Virgina, we get 13 Electors. Let’s pick the next 13


Fight for Minorities

I read this morning about a super lawyer fighting against Republican legislation that limits or disenfranchises the minority vote. This super lawyer is a democrat and feels the Democrats most loyal constituency is the minority voter. So why would the Democratic Party want to fight this legislation, most specifically, why are they fighting it in swing states such as Ohio and Arizona?

(Definitely not to the benefit of the Black or Brown voter)

My conclusion is this. Bernie shocked the world and showed that a candidate outside the establishment can steal votes away from the oh so faithful Democratic Party.

Democratic party know they can lose power in this country to the wave of independents and voters without party loyalty.

The Democratic party is just making sure they protect the power of a lowly educated voter in an election; yet continue to deliver lies and deny their voters social mobility and economic mobility with increasing disorder in this country. The Democratic Party of today was formed by white men distancing themselves from the new Republicn party that was partial to Blackness in America.

(Historical opinion)

Game of Life or Sport

If life was a sport, I would be one of the best coaches, hall of famer.. I read and watch a lot of news, propaganda, satire, etc.. What I see happening in the country today is a jooks. White men are fighting to maintain control. If I created my own government and economic system and had power and privilege as a result, I would be doing everything possible to ensure that position isn’t  threatened.

I would make sure the police, prosecutors, judges, school teachers, doctors, lobbyist, politicians… were paid and influenced to maintain control and disorder in the middle class, working class, and lower class. Actually, I wouldn’t even want a middle class anymore, I would just prefer the masses to be fighting for the scraps I leave behind, creating an income and wealth gap so large my position is honorary. Talk about job security, well let’s just say “life security.”

This is why I would be one of the best coaches and my players would all wear rings. Life is a sport

How do white women perceive white male privilege? I feel this group of women enjoys the benefits of the power so they remain silent. All my opinion, don’t know enough about the history there to draw a conclusion.

Life experience has shown Black woman are major supporters and contributors to Black men’s actions. Could Obama have been one of the best presidents and have one of the highest approval rating at the end of his second term without Michelle??

Thoughts on Decision 2016

Evandra has a question: What are your true thoughts regarding decision 2016? Decision 2016 meaning – Presidential Election.  This isn’t a conversation on why we can’t afford a Donald Trump presidency, but honestly how do you feel about this “Democracy” we are supposed to live in?

I truly dislike dishonesty, deceit, and corruption.  I also do not appreciate the lack of respect of my VOTE, one that I feel counts as much as I do as a citizen 3/5ths. What I can not accept is lack of accountability.  And no one is holding the Democratic Party accountable.  I also can see how the good ole boy politics is operating in my own state. The great Commonwealth of Virginia.

Evandra’s Focuses

Evandra’s focuses

Evandra has a somewhat narrow focus. Her focus is directly reflective of her culture and identity which ultimately benefits Black peoples of the world, she supports all initiatives, projects, policy, etc., which are for the betterment of all peoples of the world, however, she is more effective in spaces and conversations with emphasis on unity and strength for all Black peoples. Below are a few of her focuses

  1. Political Empowerment for all Black peoples
  2. Special Education and Disability advocate
  3. Economic Sufficiency for all Black peoples
  4. Cooperative Economics, strategies
  5. Advocate for Black students in higher education
  6. Ensuring the proper education strategies for Black peoples and Black youth
  7. Strengthening relationships within Black business community
  8. Dispelling stigma of mental health in the Black community
  9. Bridging the gap between Black Americans and Continental Africans