Public Servant

endorseEvandra pursued her public servant career in 2013, as a candidate in the Democratic primary against a 30 year incumbent.  At 30 years old, Evandra ran as a Democrat, in Virginia’s 63rd House district. She was the most unlikely candidate, she did not live in the 63rd district and had not formed a relationship with the political establishment or the constituents. The likelihood that she would beat a 30 year incumbent without any prior experience was not the expected outcome. Despite the challenges ahead of her, she ran a successful campaign and narrowly lost, 53% to 47%.

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I will be a diligent, resourceful, transparent, honest and open representative for the 63rd District


“I’ll keep pushing and I sure will try again,” she said. “I will continue to campaign every day, just like in the primary.”

Evandra Thompson: Youngest First Responder at Pentagon Attack [Audio]

One of the youngest first responders at the Pentagon, Evandra Thompson, delivers keynote address.