Public Speaker & Scholar

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Motivational Speaker, Keynote, Facilitator, radio show host Moderator, Panelist, Organizer, Host, Director of Community Engagement

Unity Day Event in Mosby Court – Richmond, Virginia

Activists call for greater unity for those marginalized in society – Organizer

Channel 6 News Link for more details

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Millennial Racial Healing Seminar – Host/Facilitator

rh1Evandra Catherine created a safe space for millennials to talk about issues from a generational perspectives. Some topics covered: police accountability, Black police officer treatment of other Blacks, transphobia, issues of gender, cis-passing, etc

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We Have Already Won: Ferguson, Faith, and the Future of Democracy – Facilitator

Richmond Peace Education Center’s 2015 Youth Peace Summit – Panelist

Virginia Union University’s Sankofa Film Festival – Panelist

President Barack Obama, Success or Failure? Do we still need Black Politicians? (Radio Interview) begin at 05:45:00

Politics and Hip-Hop w/ Drea Love and Evandra Catherine (Radio Interview) begin at 1:21:00

What does the Fourth of July mean to Blacks and women? (Radio Show Host)

Other Speaking Roles

 MLK Day Event, Petersburg, VA (Facilitator)

VCU NAACP Power of the Black Dollar (Keynote Speaker)

Black Heritage Program Bridging the Generations with one of Richmond’s 34 (Panelist)

Bridging the Diaspora: Black Americans and Continental Africans (Facilitator)

Power of the Black Dollar, Greater Richmond Community (Keynote Speaker)

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Event, Richmond, Va, East End (Facilitator)

Made for More Youth Summit (President Obama’s my Brothers Keeper Initiative), Newport News, VA (Panelist)